Meta Released AI Chatbot for WhatsApp in South Africa

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has launched its highly anticipated chatbot feature powered by artificial intelligence on WhatsApp in South Africa. This is a significant step towards integrating AI directly into the messaging experience of WhatsApp users. Though Meta’s AI assistant is currently only available in English and restricted to specific countries, including South Africa, it offers many functionalities to improve user interactions within the app.

Like other AI assistants such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini, and Microsoft’s Copilot, Meta’s AI on WhatsApp allows users to engage in conversations, seek information, and receive recommendations seamlessly within the messaging platform. Users can utilize Meta AI in both personal and group chats to ask questions, request news updates, and even generate images based on prompts provided within dedicated chat boxes.

Meta AI is now available on WhatsApp in South Africa, and users can access it by updating their WhatsApp app to the latest version. The chatbot service powered by Meta AI offers various functionalities, including text and image generation, story summarization, proofreading, editing, and translation, among others. Users can initiate interactions with Meta AI within WhatsApp chats by typing “@” followed by “Meta AI” in the message field and proceed with their queries or prompts.

It’s important to note that, unlike regular WhatsApp conversations that employ end-to-end encryption, interactions with Meta AI are not encrypted. Meta acknowledges this and attributes it to the utilization of user data and prompts to train their AI. However, Meta assures users that their messages and calls remain fully encrypted, ensuring privacy and security.

Meta’s decision to introduce its AI-powered chatbot across popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram in South Africa is a testament to its commitment to leveraging its vast user base to scale its AI offerings. With South Africa being the large market for WhatsApp, Meta aims to capitalize on this opportunity to refine its AI capabilities and enhance user experiences across its platforms.

Once updated, users can check for the presence of a new round purple-blue circle icon at the top of their WhatsApp chats. Tapping on this icon grants access to the Meta AI chatbot within WhatsApp, enabling users to interact with it and explore its various features.

In addition to Meta AI, Meta has also introduced 28 other AI tools for WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, each embodying unique characteristics and functionalities. These AI tools are poised to redefine user interactions within the social media landscape, offering personalized experiences and engaging content to users.

As Meta continues to innovate and expand its AI offerings, users can anticipate a more immersive and personalized social media experience, driven by advanced AI technologies. With Meta AI now available on WhatsApp in South Africa, users can explore its capabilities and discover new ways to engage and interact within the platform.

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