Thoromo Investment, a holding company established in 2012. We explore opportunities in various markets, from ITC service, Marketing, and Financial sectors, making a mark as a strategic partner.

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Thoromo Investment, a holding company for a group of businesses, was established in 2012. We use this as a means to explore investment opportunities in various market in South Africa and beyond. From ITC service, marketing to Financial sectors, we are making a mark as a strategic partner.

We have identified a few businesses we have interest in, G.Uriel’s. An outsourced IT service entity, well established in the market. Galactic Hosting, a domain hosting business, also offering Internet connectivity for both home and Business market.  Thoromo Media, a creatives entity in the design field,  offering graphic design service, Website development, SEO and Social media marketing, Corporate photography services.


We will be expanding our services in investing and developing upstart businesses and see them grown.

About Us

Headed by an acute businessman, Uriel Nangu, Thoromo Investment has a pool of young, vibrant talent in IT, Creatives, Photography and Public Relation. Like a well oiled machine, this dynamic team is ready to give clients services that will make them successful in their market.

Outsourced IT

G.Uriel’s is offering outsourced IT support services, skilled in Microsoft technologies. Certified Cisco partners, well equipped in advising on best industry solutions.

Creative Services, SEO & Social Media marketing strategy partner

Thoromo Media, is well established in the creatives side. We have graphic designers for Brand development and management, Website Development. We have well a great team, with necessary skills, specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service, to make sure your site is reachable and take prime position in search results.  Social Media Marketing strategy partner. We partner with all businesses in establishing and driving their social media marketing strategy. Photography. We have trained photographers who enjoy working in corporate events and capturing those special moments.


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