Four Compelling Reasons To Move to Cloud PBX Today

Global dynamics have changed the way companies conduct business. With Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, companies that traditionally operate in-house IT services, are increasingly switching to the cloud. Services like Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft Azure are now household names. By the end of this year, 56% of businesses estimate that most of their applications will move to the cloud.

More companies, particularly in the manufacturing, financial, and healthcare sectors, are drastically moving their data and processes offsite into data centers. Cloud computing offers compelling cost advantages, amongst other benefits. Additionally, as broadband increases, download speeds are rising at a rapid rate, so this is boosting data consumption.

The role of Cloud PBX in the Workplace

One service that provides a great way for companies to save money, is a Cloud Private Branch Exchange (PBX).  Traditional servers are expensive and require expert maintenance. Cloud PBX uses IP-based telephony to provision and access services. It is essentially a telephone system that is built, delivered, and managed over the Internet.

With a powerful and comprehensive set of features, Cloud PBX offers the ideal solution for businesses with a distributed workforce. With that scenario, it is easier for workers to collaborate through voice, Web conferencing, and instant messaging cost-effectively.

Ideally suited for growing and changing environments, this is a true Unified Communications as a Service solution. Shifting to a highly flexible, feature-rich and low maintenance solution will free up valuable resources for any business.

Four top reasons to move to a cloud environment

#1: Scalability

Scalability (both up and down) is important so that your phone system can grow with your business needs and pressures. As such, there is no need to invest in a big system when the business is downsizing., or be stuck with obsolete technology.

#2: Lower cost

Cloud PBX does not require expensive investments for in-house installations nor for regular maintenance.  There is no requirement to purchase physical devices, and costs are predictable, usually a monthly service fee.

#3: Flexibility

Your business will benefit from the latest features and functionality without costly hardware updates.  Cloud PBX is designed to simplify administration and deployment, with features and functionality added at the tick of a box.

#4: Extended presence

You can create and manage virtual offices, departments, and branches with all the functionality of a physical setup. This enables you to create a local, national, and global presence.

Speak to us to find out more about making the shift to this flexible solution. Our Cloud PBX (often called hosted PBX) brings you all the enterprise advantages of a fully-fledged PBX without costs headaches.

With us, our Customers are able to entrust the management, to the experts, therefore leaving them to take care of their business.  Our Cloud PBX solution not only saves calls over the Internet but also saves on risky infrastructure.

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