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Are you building a new home? Do you have time and expertise to manage the project, from start to finish? Do you know what to expect from the Builder and other contractors? Do you have time to manage their progress and eliminate shrinkage? Do you have time to be on site everyday? Private homeowners can now have their own Project Manager. This service is mostly used by big businesses and developershome building plan in the Construction industry. We have made it affordable and necessary for anyone building a new home or renovating to use our service

We have recognized a need within private home owners building their dream homes. Many have little expertise in construction and rely on contractors to finish their projects. It has been noted that many have lost a lot of money and costly delays to complete their building projects, a commodity that one cannot afford.

We oversee the construction process from conceptualization to completion. This includes oversight of construction supervisors, contractors, and various trade workers, from builders, plumbers, tilers, etc.  It is our job to effectively manage contractors and vendors, monitoring quality of work performed, and ensuring tasks are completed within budgetary and time constrains. Construction project managers must be able to read blueprints and schematics, building codes, and relevant laws to ensure the project is in compliance with building standards and regulations, we are there for you.

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We have a  team of qualified and experienced experts in this field. Our combined experience in the industry expands to more than 40years combined. The service we offer is being your personal Project Manager, from the start of your construction to the completion of your project. We become your ears and eyes, liaising with other contractors and service providers, give you weekly reports on the progress and any challenges faced in your site. we believe communication is vital to keep you on the loop with every step of your project.

With our service, every homeowner can afford to have a personal PM(Project Manager) To book a free consultation, contact us at 010 534 8472 or 082 956 4085

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