Buybrown Mall, our Brainchild!

Why BuyBrown Mall?

Many small businesses find it expensive to afford mainstream media advertising. They rely on Word of mouth, and thankfully, Facebook has made it simple and free to advertise your business. This is well and good, but it has it’s limitations. What has that got to do with BuyBrown Mall?

How can you trust what your friends will say about your business? How about that Customer you had to threaten with legal action to get them to pay you? What they say to others about your business can either make it or break it.

How Social network helps 

It is true that many have made a lot of money through social network marketing. By posting on their Facebook pages or in other business related groups, some had made money. But that also has its limitations. Your post is only visible as when people see it. Once others post after you, it disappears into oblivion. Now how are you going to make sure your potential customers always see you?

We came up with a solution

Thoromo Invesment, a Black owned investment company, came up with an idea of pooling together, as much as possible, all black owned businesses. The aim is to promote them in a formal platform, a Business directory. Their Web Development team had to spend a lot of time and other resources in developing this platform, not knowing how the market will receive it, but they had faith that it will be positively accepted. As they are a small developing business themselves, they understand the challenges facing the small business owners and their needs, so hence this platform, BUYBROWN MALL.

It’s not long that this platform has been launched, but the response from the target market has been so tremendous. Thoromo Investment, as the custodian of the campaign, is looking forward to be of service to you, as a partner.

In it’s offerings, there is a 14 days Free listing, to allow you to list your business, with no obligations, to ‘test drive’ the platform. It is expected that by the end of the trial period, you will then upgrade to a 6 or 12 months subscription. There is a Special introductory price on the paid subscriptions until end of August, thereafter normal subscription fee will be applicable. So we invite you to take advantage of the special price, which is about R3 a day, calculated from the annual subscription fee. So, take action today, subscribe with us!  Subscribe Now


It’s like being at a mall.

We want to give you a mall feel, from the comfort of your lounge or office. The difference here is, it’s a black-owned mall, for the black-owned businesses, to promote black-owned businesses. Somewhere along the floors, your shop is waiting for you. Come get your key.


Happy to help.

You may have some questions or you want to speak to one of our consultants.  Feel free to call us at 010 534 6002 or email us at

Reason Why Small Businesses Must Consider Adopting Digital Transformation

Many small business owners think that digital transformation belongs to major corporations.  They seem to ignore that they also need to be rapidly engaging with the transformation process in order to remain competitive. This article would like to asses the trends in the field and enable small businesses to see how they can fit in the process.


What Is Digital Transformation?

It is a broad term but in the context of small businesses, it generally refers to the process of adapting  current business processes to incorporate digital strategies and technology. This may include adopting new devices so that employees can work away from the office, using mobile apps to improve internal communication, going paperless through digital data capture, putting more services on-line and allowing  consumers to use on-line payments services and the means to make payments either on-line or directly through no contact payment systems.

We are hereby going to look at a few of the emerging trends and strategies small business can consider adopting.


 Many small businesses are looking at automation. An example of this is using databases to capture information to make the searching for information faster when the need arise.  The advantages of automation is that it allows employees to focus their attentions on more skilled tasks, and on activities that will bring income or lower operating costs. An example of software that can help lower the administrative burden is Microsoft Bookings an online and mobile app for small businesses who provide services to customers on an appointment basis. Examples of such businesses include hair salons, dental offices, spas, law firms, financial services providers, consultants, and auto shops. Bookings has three primary components:

Virtual office

 Solutions like cloud productivity platforms, including Microsoft Office 365, allow employees to work and collaborate at peak proficiency without wasting time. In addition, documents can be accessed at any time from any working environment. Such cloud solutions also affect the changing world of work. The concept of the workday being 9 to 5 and the office with four walls is no longer the norm.  Many employees want to work at different times and locations. Many businesses, especially those that trade worldwide, want a 24-hours-a-day operation.


Meeting customer service expectations

Customers  expect faster services from business, according to Microsoft Business, and are often expecting to engage with businesses digitally, from communication to making payments. Customers also expect faster, round-the-clock services and faster deliveries of goods. It is only through digital platforms that businesses can meet these expectations. Customers are also a rich source of data for the business which many smaller businesses fail to collect and use. Such information can help the business to meet changing customer needs, such as which channels customers want to engage with.  Can they engage on-line, via mobile devices or even accessing services or paying for goods by use of smartwatches)

Small businesses should take care not to rush in and adopt technology for it’s sake; this could lead to inefficiencies. Before adoption, businesses should evaluate technology on the basis of:

 Clarity: The technology should be for a precise reason, answering a direct need.
 Simplicity: The solution should allow for less time to spent on IT management, not more
 Security: The technology should maintain a top level of security.
 Reliability: External service providers must guarantee a specific level of service.

 Sustainability: If the platform becomes obsolete, the data must be able to be removed and used with another system.So a scalable technology needs to be considered at the planning stage

These are important considerations for any small business and may open up new possibilities. Digital technology, to a degree, levels the playing field for small businesses versus larger corporations.  It opens up new possibilities for growth and being competitive.

One immediate driver for small businesses is the adoption of mobile payments, which is fast growing in small enterprises. Companies like Yoco have developed solutions no small business must be without.